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  • Almonds are the seeds of a widely cultivated tree belonging to the rosaceae family. Even though the fruit of the almond is a drupe and not a true nut with a hard shell around the seeds, they belong among major tree nuts that can cause a potentially fatal food allergy. 

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  • Beta-Lactoglobulin (ß-lactoglobulin, BLG) is the major whey protein in ruminant milk and is also present in the milk of other animals. About 20% of bovine milk proteins are whey proteins, with the main component being beta-lactoglobulin. It is often the main ingredient in whey-based protein powders.

  • Brazil nuts are the nuts of trees that belong to the botanical family Lecythidaceae. These edible nuts are becoming increasingly popular all over the world. They are mostly consumed directly and are a common ingredient in mixed nuts, cereals and bakeries. 

  • The cashew tree, belonging to the plant family Anacardiaceae, grows in the tropical climate and produces cashew apples and cashew seeds. 

  • Casein refers to a family of proteins commonly found in mammalian milk. Approximately 80% of bovine milk proteins are caseins which are composed of α-, β- and κ-caseins. This protein fraction is the main component in cheese and is frequently used as a food additive.

  • Despite their nutritional value, eggs represent a significant health issue for allergic individuals. Proteins from egg yolk have only minor allergenicity, but many proteins from the egg white are known to be allergenic.

  • Proteins from egg yolk have only minor allergenicity, but many proteins from the egg white are known to be allergenic. Ovomucoid, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, lysozyme and livetin represent the most important allergens in eggs, with some of them being heat-stable, making them resistent to cooking and baking processes. 

  • Part of the human diet for thousands of years, fish is considered important for a healthy diet due to its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. But, predominantly in regions with a high consumption of fish like Scandinavia, Japan or Mediterranean countries, fish allergies represent a significant problem.

  • Hazelnuts are the nuts of trees that belong to the genus Corylus. Tree nuts are considered one of the most frequent causes of food allergy, with hazelnut allergy being among them. Allergic reactions to hazelnuts can develop at any age. Unlike other food allergies, hazelnut allergies continue past adolescence. 

  • Crustaceans belong to the arthropods and include a variety of different animals, like shrimps, prawns, lobsters, crabs or crayfish.Crustaceans are among the most commonly consumed seafood, but also represent an important group of food allergens. Even very low amounts of crustacean proteins can trigger severe allergic reactions, with potentially fatal...

  • Lupins are common garden flowers. The legume seeds of some types of lupin can be ground into lupin flour which is often used in bread, pasta, cakes and pastries. Although an allergy to lupin is quite rare, it does happen. In addition, some peanut allergic individuals may also react to lupin-containing food due to the botanical relationship between peanut...

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