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Casein refers to a family of proteins commonly found in mammalian milk. Approximately 80% of bovine milk proteins are caseins which are composed of α-, β- and κ-caseins. This protein fraction is the main component in cheese and is frequently used as a food additive.

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Caseins also represent heat-stable allergens. Bovine milk is one of the most important allergenic food ingredients, especially for children. Consequently, the labeling of casein or milk is mandatory in many countries all over the world.

Although there are no legal threshold limits for casein, it is highly recommended that food manufacturers test for very low casein concentrations in order to protect allergic individuals and to avoid allergen-related recalls.

Fast and highly sensitive casein analysis

The Romer Labs casein test kit portfolio covers ELISAs and LFDs for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of casein in environmental samples, rinse waters and finished food products.

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