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Proteins from egg yolk have only minor allergenicity, but many proteins from the egg white are known to be allergenic. Ovomucoid, ovalbumin, ovotransferrin, lysozyme and livetin represent the most important allergens in eggs, with some of them being heat-stable, making them resistent to cooking and baking processes. 

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Despite their nutritional value, eggs represent a significant health issue for allergic individuals.

Fast and highly sensitive egg analysis

The Romer Labs egg test kit portfolio covers ELISAs and LFDs for the quanttative and qualitative analysis of egg proteins in environmental samples, rinse waters and finished food products.

Detection of fining agents in wine

Egg white proteins are frequently used as organic compounds that are added to wine as fining agents. In the fining process, egg proteins are added to the wine before bottling in order to bind to suspended particles that will precipitate from the wine.

The AgraStrip® Wine Extraction buffer (Egg) has been specifically developed for the identification of such wine adulterations. The buffer can be used for the on-site analysis of wine samples together with the AgraStrip® Egg test kit for fast and reliable results without the need for any equipment.


The AgraQuant® Egg test kit is an accurate and reliable enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) in a quantitative format. Results are measured with a specific ELISA reader, such as the StatFax® or the BioTek® reader.

The AgraQuant® Plus Egg test kit is specifically designed for a more efficient workflow. This test format uses unique extraction capsules that speed up the extraction of allergenic proteins, especially from processed matrices, to barely 1 minute.
Incubation times of the assay are reduced to 3 x 10 minutes, leading to a total assay time of 30 minutes for up to 38 samples. 

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