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Hazelnuts are the nuts of trees that belong to the genus Corylus. Tree nuts are considered one of the most frequent causes of food allergy, with hazelnut allergy being among them. Allergic reactions to hazelnuts can develop at any age. Unlike other food allergies, hazelnut allergies continue past adolescence. 

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Hazelnut allergy is quite common in Europe and the United States. The severeness of the allergic reaction can vary significantly and is often linked to an allergy to birch pollen.

Allergic individuals must strictly avoid the consumption of hazelnuts or hazelnut-containing food. As cross contamination during food production processes may occur, the food industry is required to use sensitive test kits to ensure their products meet the highest levels of food safety.

Mandatory labeling of tree nuts in food

To protect consumers from the potentially fatal consequences of hazelnut consumption, allergen labelling is required by law in many countries. Hazelnuts, along with other tree nuts, are regulated by Opens external link in new windowRegulation (EU) No 1169/201 or Opens external link in new windowU.S. FDA – FALCPA 2004.

Fast and highly sensitive hazelnut analysis

The Romer Labs hazelnut test kit portfolio covers ELISAs and LFDs for the quantitative and qualitative analysis of hazelnuts in environmental samples, rinse waters and finished food products.

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